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Manuscript Submission Guidelines  

As an international,multi-disciplinary, peer-refereed journal, Sleep and Hypnosis provides aplatform for the publication of the most advanced scientific research in theareas of sleep, dreaming, chronobiology, hypnosis, and trauma andstressor-related disorders.  The journaldoes not charge a publication fee, and generally completes the review processwithin eight (8) weeks of receipt of a manuscript.


PLEASE NOTE THAT thereare no strict requirements on reference formatting at the first submission.References may be in any writing style and reference format as long as thestyle is consistent. Submission to the Sleep and Hypnosis: A Journal ofClinical Neuroscience and Psychopathology is taken by the journal to mean thatthe writing style and reference formats used by the journal (APA ReferenceStyle) will be applied to the accepted manuscript by the authors at the proofstage. EndNote output style of the journal can be downloaded from here.


Papers have no limits inlength and number of tables/figures or references. If authors submit suitablecolor figures with their accepted manuscript, the Sleep and Hypnosis willpublish these figures at no charge.


Authors are requested to submit their articles electronically by usingthe online submission and review system eJManager.

If you would like to submit a manuscript, please go to http://my.ejmanager.com/sh/.


To ensure a timely publication process, authors are asked to read thefollowing instructions carefully.


General Policies

The submission of a paper to Sleep and Hypnosis: A Journal of ClinicalNeuroscience and Psychopathology is understood to imply that:


•Data contained therein has not previously been published (except inabstract format) and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

•The submitted manuscripts cannot be concurrently submitted orpublished by print or electronic or any other type of publication.

•The article should be prepared in English.


Submission Categories

Sleep and Hypnosis: A Journal of Clinical Neuroscience andPsychopathology considers papers for publication in the following categories:


•Research article

•Review article (should be at least 5000 words)

•Commentary (is a mini review article less than 5000 words)


•Case report

•Letter to the Editor

•Book review


None of these submission categories have limits in terms of numbers ofwords, tables/figures, and references.


Manuscript Submission

Sleep and Hypnosis: A Journal of Clinical Neuroscience andPsychopathology is not responsible in case any manuscript, or any part of it islost.


All materials should be submitted and revised electronically usingEjManager. To submit a manuscript, please go to http://my.ejmanager.com/sh/.


Copyright Transfer

Copyright ownership of manuscripts must be transferred to the Publisherby signature of authorized corresponding author during the submission of themanuscript. The Journal does not require all authors of a manuscript to signfor copyright assignment. The Copyright Transfer Form should be signed byauthorized corresponding author and submitted to EjManager along with themanuscript. The Copyright Transfer Form can be downloaded in PDF format fromhere.


Manuscript Preparation

The manuscript should be submitted as a Word document. Manuscriptsshould be double-spaced throughout, including title page, abstract, text,references, tables, and figures. Number pages consecutively, beginning with thetitle page. Each section should begin on a separate page, and the sectionsshould be arranged in the following order: (1) abstract and key words, (2) maintext, (3) references, (4) tables, and (5) figures. Tables and/or figures shouldbe appended at the end of the manuscript. Each table and figure should beprovided on a separate sheet.


Title Page (should be submitted separately)

Title page should include full names of authors, academic orprofessional affiliations, complete address and e-mail address with phone andfax numbers of the corresponding author.



An abstract is to be provided, preferably no longer than 250 words.



Up to eight keywords should be included for indexing in allmanuscripts. Keywords should differ from the words included in the title of themanuscript.



Authors should state the objective of the research.



Methods and materials should be provided in detail.



Results should be described clearly and in a logical order.



Results should be interpreted in light of previous work. A limitationparagraph should be included near the end of the section.



Individuals who supported the authors during the research, and fundingsources or grand(s) should be acknowledged in here. Authors are requested toidentify and briefly describe the role of the financial support, if any, forthe conduct of the research and/or preparation of the article.


Conflicts of Interest

Authors are required to provide either a statement indicating potentialconflicts of interest involving their article or a statement that they have nopotential conflicts. If there are no conflicts of interest then please statethis: “The authors do not declare any conflict of interest."



For writing style and reference formats, Sleep and Hypnosis: A Journalof Clinical Neuroscience and Psychopathology uses the style of the PublicationManual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition).  EndNote output style of the journal can bedownloaded from here.


Examples of basic reference formats:


Journal Article:

Agargün, M. Y., Kara, H., & Solmaz, M. (1997). Sleep disturbancesand suicidal behavior in patients with major depression. Journal of ClinicalPsychiatry, 58(6), 249-251.


Hilgard, E. R., & Hilgard, J. R. (1994). Hypnosis in the relief ofpain. New York: Brunner/Mazel Publishers.

Book Chapter:

Kupfer, D. J., & Reynolds, C. F. (1992). Sleep and affectivedisorders. In E. S. Paykel (Ed.), Handbook of affective disorders (pp.311-323). Edinburgh:Churchill Livingstone.


Figures and Tables

Tables and/or figures should be appended at the end of article andnumbered with Latin numerals in order of their mention in text. Type referencelists, tables, and figures on separate sheets.


Each table requires a title and should be numbered in the order oftheir mention in text. Tables should bear Latin numerals and be typed onseparate sheets of paper. Each figure requires a legend and should be numberedwith Latin numerals in the order of their mention in text.


Authors can supply black and white or color illustrations (TIFF orJPEG, minimum of 300 dpi is recommended), grayscale photographs (TIFF or JPEG,minimum of 500 dpi is recommended), and bitmapped line drawings with pure blackand white pixels (TIFF or JPEG, minimum of 1000 dpi is recommended). Authorsare recommended not to supply files too low in resolution; disproportionatelylarge for the content, and developed for screen use (e.g., GIF, BMP, PICT,WPG).



Authors are responsible for securing all required permissions from thecopyright holder to use copyrighted material in articles published in Sleep andHypnosis and paying any associated fees. Use a permission statement in linewith the exact wording required by the copyright holder. All permission grantsmust be sent to the Editorial Office via e-mail during the submission.


Sleep and Hypnosis authors can reuse any proportion of their own work,and/or their own figures, tables, illustrations or any types of materials oftheir own, the copyright of which do not belong to another rights holder,without obtaining permission from Istanbul Medipol University Publishing. Theauthors are responsible for giving full bibliographic reference for theoriginal Article published in Sleep and Hypnosis and providing appropriateacknowledgement to Istanbul Medipol University,

However, İstanbul Medipol Universityeditorial board has the right to publish the article in full or in part.


Publishing as follows:



Reproduced from ( Ref XX ) with the permission of Sleep and HypnosisEditorial Board and Istanbul Medipol University Publishing.



This reuse permission is granted to the Sleep and Hypnosis authorsmeans that the Publisher reserves all rights, and any rights assigned to IstanbulMedipol University Publishing cannot be sublicensed, assigned, or transferredto any other third parties.


All the uses of Sleep And Hypnosis content, other than reuse ofauthors’ their own work, are subject to permission. The permission request formcan be downloaded in PDF format from here.


The Publisher and Editors cannot be held responsible or liable for thecontents, errors/omissions, or any direct or indirect consequences arising fromthe reuse of information contained in the journal. If any part of the contentor material appears in the publication with credit or acknowledgement toanother source is intended to be reused, it is the responsibility of user tosecure all required permissions from the rights holder.


Proofs and Reprints

After acceptance, manuscripts are forwarded to the publisher. Thecorresponding author receives proofs approximately within 4 weeks following theacceptance of the mansucript. The proofs must be corrected and returned to thepublisher within 48 hours of receipt. Late return of proofs may cause delay inpublication. Text, tables, legends, and references must be checked carefully.


Online Ahead of Print

The Corrected Proof is published Online Ahead of Print with a digitalobject identifier (DOI) number. The manuscripts published as Online Ahead ofPrint Publication can be cited as follows:


Author(s). (Year - the date manuscript published Online Ahead ofPrint). Manuscript title. Sleep and Hypnosis. DOI number.


When the manuscript is assigned to a volume and issue of Sleep andHypnosis, the Online Ahead of Print version will be removed and the Printversion will appear online, including the year of publication and the volume,issue, and pagination.


The corresponding author, at no cost, will be provided with a PDF fileof the manuscript via e-mail. Paper offprints can be ordered via e-mail priorto publication at the prices quoted, using the reprint order form. Morequestions regarding publication, reprints, proofs, etc. can be addressed to thepublisher.



The journal requires approval of manuscript submission by all authorsin addition to transfer of copyright to the Istanbul Medipol University so thatthe author(s) and the publisher are protected from misuse of copyrightedmaterial. A covering letter signed by all authors constitutes submissionapproval. Manuscripts will not receive a final decision until a completedcopyright transfer form has been received. As soon as the article is published,the author is to have considered transferred allintellectual property rights to the publisher. This transfer will ensurethe widest possible dissemination of information under Turkish Copyright Law.


All concepts, ideas, comments, manuscripts, illustrations, and allother materials disclosed or offered to Istanbul Medipol University on or inconnection with this Journal are submitted without any restrictions orexpectation of confidentiality. Istanbul Medipol University shall have nofinancial or other obligations to you when you submit such information, nor shallyou assert any proprietary or moral right of any kind with respect to suchsubmissions. Istanbul Medipol University shall have the right to use, publish,reproduce, transmit, download, upload, post, display or otherwise distributeyour submissions in any manner without notice or compensation to you.